Slatted Bed Base

Why choose a slatted bed base for your bed?

Slatted Bed Base is simply the most comfortable and best sleep and bed foundation available today. Most people use beds with wooden and steel frames rather than slatted base. They do not know the comfort and benefits they are missing out on. Sleeping is an essential part of our lives. Without a good sleep, one would not be able to do any work and activity. Slatted base for beds give maximum comfort and they are great for better posture. It also helps in the air circulation of the mattress and beddings. These bed bases are ideal for bedrooms and apartments that are very small because of their compact size and features.

Slatted Bed BaseSlatted bed bases are available in a variety of styles today. The most common among users are – the solid wooden bed frames with spring flats. One can easily use a spring mattress on their Slatted Bed Base. However, memory foam mattresses are ideal for these bases. For warm seasons and months, slatted bases are the best. For people who sweats profusely in their sleep – these bases are the best solution for them. They are cost effective and guarantee better circulation.

The different types of slat beds available today

Slat beds are mainly of two types – one is fixed slatted and the other is flexible slatted bed base.

•    Fixed slatted bed bases are more popular and common among people. They offer a firmer base for individuals who sleep on them. The slats here are fixed on the bed frames, thus they do not move and gives a firmer base for users.

•    Flexible slatted bed bases are best suited for double beds. If your partner moves a lot during his or her sleep, then your side of the bed would not get affected due to his or her movements. Foam mattresses are better suited for these bed bases.

Types of slat materials available today

Metal slats are available for bed bases but wooden slats are more common and used. Different varieties of woods are used to make slats. Such as -

•    Pine wood – Especially southern yellow pine is used to make bed slats. This wood is extremely strong and can withstand water, as well as wind damages. It has a great bending and flexibility strength – along with high and superior crushing power. This wood also has the ability to – moderately resist shock load. Pine has several varieties for one to choose from. Each and every pine wood varies in cost and durability.

•    Red Oak – This wood type is abundantly available in the market today. It is a very powerful and strong wood. It has a great crushing strength. It is also known for its high wear resistant ability. Red oak is used abundantly to make furniture, paneling, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, so on and so forth.

•    Yellow poplar – This is a widely available wood type. Yellow poplar is easy to work on and – it is also considered a strong wood.

•    Douglas fir – This is considered a very attractive wood to work on. It has a vertical grain and thus, it gives a uniform appearance. This wood can withstand or tolerate high loads. It is a light colored wood.

•    Hickory – This is considered a strong and hard wood from generations. Hickory is not known for its flexibility – it does not have the ability to bend easily. This wood is quite resilient and has high and superior shock resistant ability. This is one of the heaviest woods available today.

•    Birch – This is a very strong wood and thus, provides a stronger base for your bed. It is quite flexible also. Birch wood costs more in comparison to pine and few others.

If you are interested in slatted base then you can order for one in your nearest furniture showroom or shop. One can even order and purchase a slatted base bed online with the help of online shopping nowadays. The best advantage of having slat bases is that – they can be replaced easily and independently of one another. You do not have to change all the slats if one gets cracked or damaged.